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A few of our completed projects ...


Las Vegas, NV


KVGQ is a FM station licensed in Overton, NV. This 150 ft guyed tower is located in the mountains outside of Las Vegas and is only accessible by helicopter. The erecting of this tower involved flying crews and equipment from a staging area 15 miles away, and setting 6,000 pounds of concrete blocks as anchors. The building of this tower was done 100 percent by helicopter.



Snohomish, WA


KRKO is a four-tower AM array located in Snohomish, Washington. This project involved erecting four self-supporting towers, three 199' low profile towers, and one 349' tower. A complete AM ground system was also installed, along with conduit and feed lines from the transmitter building out to all the towers.

Meteorological Towers


Meteorological (met) towers are installed at potential sites for wind farms. They vary in height and include instrumentation at different heights to analyze wind and atmospheric conditions. We travel all across the country to install these towers for wind companies. We're involved in everything from foundation work to installation of the instruments.

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