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Salem Communications has used the services of North Star since their inception. They have provided services to include design build for towers and foundations, AM ground systems repair/replacement, tower painting, inspection services, and routine maintenance. Here are just a few recent projects that come to mind:​

Seattle: Northstar provided design engineering, fabrication, installation of four self-support towers, and a complete ground system. The results were outstanding.
Phoenix: We had our entire ground system stolen. Northstar was immediately on the job and got it replaced in record time.

Mt. Wilson: Northstar expertly installed a new directional antenna for our Mt. Wilson FM in Los Angeles.

We appreciate Northstar’s level of experience and attention to detail, always providing a quality end-product at a reasonable price.

Whether it’s AM or FM facilities, I highly recommend Northstar.

John B. Ehde, Vice President Engineering -- Salem Media Group

When we experienced a major antenna problem at our most difficult site, Northstar was able to mobilize quickly and get us back on with a "temporary" until a new antenna could arrive. When the time came to replace the problem antenna, Northstar again mobilized during very difficult weather and got the job done for us in as timely a fashion as humanly possible. Northstar's expertise and professionalism make them one of the premier companies I work with.

Rodney V. Zeigler, Director of Engineering -- Nebraska Rural Radio Assn.

Northstar was extremely professional and qualified to complete our project. Their team was efficient, and the project was completed by the projected date.

Jesse Sepulveda, Engineering Project Manager -- World Radio Network

Northstar has been involved in every project Kemp Communications has brought on line. From our small 80' tower on a remote site (that you have to hike to), to our 1315' monster. When they show up, they are prepared, professional, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done on time and on budget.

Northstar has been involved in the design and construction of the following stations:  KVEG 97.5 FM (Las Vegas), KVGQ 106.9 FM (Las Vegas), KMZQ 99.3 FM (Payson, AZ), KNAN 106.7 FM (HI), KVGG 101.9 FM (Salome, AZ), and KMZQ 670 AM (Las Vegas).

Always a pleasure working with them and looking forward to many more successful jobs in the future.

Michael McFadden, Senior Project Manager -- Kemp Communications, Las Vegas, NV

Northstar Broadcast Contractors erected our diplexed, six tower, self-supporting 50,000 watt AM antenna system for KRKO 1380 and KKXA 1520. They did a great job the first time, so when the Earth Liberation Front ripped down two of our original towers, Northstar was the first call to get them back in the air a second time [Read all about it.]

Andrew Skotdal, President/General Manager -- KRK0-HD1, KKXA-HD1,

Northstar’s work was excellent at our new multi-station, multi-tower site. Construction of our towers and ground system by Northstar went exactly as planned: on time and on budget, even when the weather and local jurisdictions didn’t fully cooperate. Their professionalism in handling the inevitable small issues that often come up on large projects helped ours finish well. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Gary Hilliard, Chief Engineer -- Entercom Portland 

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